Once you have sampled the experience of soaring flight, your perception of air and sky and their dynamics will change forever…

Soaring a glider demands that you think your way from A to B … a pilot is a captain, navigator, engineer, meteorologist and a processor of a myriad of information that he/she will use during a flight.  Not only these, but a tourist, exulting in the changing views as light plays on clouds, farmlands, mountain and seascape and enjoying the harmonic of the glider and the air as it passes over the wings, lifting pilot and glider, higher and higher.

Learn to fly a glider…

Gliders are relatively easy to learn how to fly.  In flight, you may be moving in three dimensions simultaneously which is a bit different.  The essential thing is to build one’s judgement to successfully land the glider.  The Taranaki Gliding Club has experienced instructors who will guide you through the learning process. Find out how

“Thank you so much to all members of the Taranaki Gliding Club.  I enjoyed all my awesome flights and you all made it possible for me to fly here in New Zealand.”  

Anna Klauser.  Freiburg, Germany.

“I really enjoyed my glider flight.  The view extraordinary and the peace and quiet were sublime.”  


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