Libbys Flight

Libby’s Flight

As my children have grown to a size when they could see out of a glider and enjoy a flight I have tried to introduce them to gliding with a memorable flight, Maddy flew with me on a great mountain convergence day a straight flight to Fanthams peak and Mitchell ( Iron guts) flew a classic thermals day along Beaconsfield road over Midhurst and York road. As soon as Mitch had completed his first flight Libby informed me she was next .The next week our tow plane was wiped and the great wait began for Libby the various explanations – we don’t have a tow plane, I don’t have a winch rating yet, today won’t be a very good day, were all taken well for a 8/9 year old. However last weekend when I announced that today was the day Libby was a little sceptical that it was going to happen.

We towed out west over the town and released into good lift then worked our way up to the bush line north of Pembroke road the cloud street petered out at this point so we gained height working our way back to Pembroke school then crossed to the southern cloud street and flew this all the way up to the mountain over Dawson Falls. There was extreme lift on the southern side of the cloud street up close to the mountain but it was pretty turbulent so we turned and flew out over the town and Waiwiri road then back to the airfield for some chandelles and a landing.

Maddy looked out the window willing herself not to be sick, Mitch studied the vario and talked flight times but Libby looked out the window, whooped in delight when she saw her friend’s house and loved the chandelles.

In summary I would say sharing the thing you love with the people you love is fantastic.

Will Hopkirk. March 2015.