The Taranaki Gliding Club offers the opportunity to learn how to fly gliders.

Anyone in good health and between 16 and 60 can learn and quite quickly too. Training is carried out in our two-seater and will comprise a mix of soaring flights with flights devoted to handling the glider and acquiring the ability to land the glider safely.

Lecture evenings complement the practical side.

Instruction is free.  People learning to fly must become members of our club and thus, Gliding New Zealand. 

Learning to fly and soar a glider should be regarded as acquiring a life-long skill that is entirely portable wherever you might go.  Going solo is just the beginning.

Call John Tullett on (06) 7552493 or Tim Hardwick-Smith on (06) 764 7573.

Our Twin Astir thermaling near Stratford.  It is not as low as it looks!

Our current price for an aerotow is $40 to 2000ft ($20/1000ft).  The glider time is $1.25 p/m.  This is reduced by 50% if the flight is more than one hour.  All flying members are required to pay an insurance levy of $25.  This money is applied to an Insurance Excess Fund.  Pilots less than 18 years pay the tow fee and the insurance levy.  Membership and glider time is free.

Some pilots pay a bulk fee of $750 which covers all the glider time they may do during the year.  This is not refundable so there is some incentive there.

The Eurofox waiting

Above is a photo of our new towplane, purchased with assistance from the Taranaki Electricity Trust, the Gliding New Zealand Umbrella Fund and Pub Charity grants.  It is going well and up to expectations.

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