About Us

The Taranaki Gliding Club is affiliated to Gliding New Zealand and, with other gliding clubs, is permitted to operate under Section 149 of the Civil Aviation Act. Gliding New Zealand administers the various provisions of this act. The club instructors are trained and licenced to the appropriate standard required.

The club is based at the Stratford airfield. It operates at the weekends, generally trying for the “best” day to fly. During the better part of the season, mid-week flying often happens.

The Taranaki Gliding Club has trained scores of pilots over the years and provided trial flights for hundreds of others. Some of its pilots have gone onto impressive careers in civil aviation. Others have done well in competition and cross-country flying.

The club welcomes anyone who wants to have a trial flight, or learn to fly gliders, to experience the challenge and thrill of soaring flight.

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